GidoPhone Inductive Charging Tower Kiosk, Your Mobile Device Station!

Every living things need energy to do their daily activities, not even we are a human, right? And we need to relax our body to charge back our lost energies. that law also applies to other things that powered its self to do a thing such automobile, mobile devices, and so on. While Automobile has their gas or electric station, so what does our mobile device have? That is the reason behind a smart solution of this Gidophone charging kiosk for giving your mobile devices a station to charge or refill its energy, so it’s ready to serve your need.

Due to a mobile device is a must thing as additional tool in our life, we can see so many of them – tablet PCs, smartphone, laptops, game consoles, mp3 players and others, are carried around from one place to another by me, you and folks. Many of us place our mobile devices as so important, so even it has a little battery life left, we don’t have any other option rather than bring it along with us to our meeting, supermarket, home or office for keeping in touched by our fellows or families. This a 6-foot 8-inch tall inductive charging tower kiosk is answering that great business opportunity. Almost of mobile devices can be charged using this tower, more, unlike others at market this one is offering a dedicated compartment for your mobile device like they were on soft bed of hotel, locked when your mobile device is charging – 100% secure.

Furthermore, this charging tower kiosk can be retrofitted to display other useful information such as multimedia display, sponsor branding and others.

Gidophone-inductive-charging-tower-kiosk-ces-2013-dandy-gadget-technologyThe release date and pricing
Gidophone inductive charging tower kiosk was displayed at CES 2013. This French company is still waiting partnerships for US market. Likely, it will be available in Q2 2014, assumed they had made a deal with local partners at the end of this year. Do you want to be their partner? It’s a great business oppurtunity!