Kingston DTHX30P 1TB, The World’s Largest USB Drive Capacity!

1 TB capacity in a tiny size of USB drive, it’s amazing, right? With that large storage size, this upcoming Kingston’s DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB drive, DTH30P 1TB, allows you to transfer any contents of your large HDD or SATA drive into this small body. As note, it’s the world’s largest  USB drive capacity in this galaxy.

Like other new USB drives at market, the DTH30P 1TB enables you to taste the cake of the high speed of USB 3.0 technology to transfer your contents with up to 160MB/s write speed and 240MB/s read speed as well as still compatible with the USB 2.0.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in 72(W) x 26.94(H) x 21(D) mm with key ring, Kingston DTHX30P 1TB will hit Japanese market in March 2013 along other ‘predator’ DTHX30P 512GB. Perhaps, they will come to US in around beginning of May 2013. Unfortunately, there is no information yet about their price tag.