De Bethune DB25 Special Edition Wristwatch [ONLY WATCH 2011]

Coming with flame-blued titanium dial, De Bethune DB25 Special Edition for Only Watch 2011 displays simplicity and minimalist design. But, don’t be fooled by its looking. The wristwatch is crafted with 18K white gold body.

Unique? Yes, De Bethune DB25 special edition only uses a comet form as hour/minute indicator which pointing the inner disk (Arabian minute index) and outer disk (Roman hour index) as well. When you are looking to the dial and its bezel, they are not so clean blue; there are a lot of scattered white dots.  The 14 large dots are represented by diamonds, while other 94 small dots are displayed by 18k white gold.

What is the meaning of the white dots on dials? De Bethune said the dots are the stars array in January 8 1927 above Monaco. In addition, the wristwatch features a 44 mm diameter case, sapphire crystal, Cal. DB2105S movement with 29 jewels and hand polished steel. And thanks to the black alligator strap, the stars on the blue sky will shine brightly on the dark of the night, right?

If you are crazy about this wristwatch (you might have a sweet memory on Monaco), De Bethune will be showed at ONLY WATCH 2011 auction in EUR 100k – 150k wish price. I think EUR 250k ensures you will hand the watch. [Dandy Gadget Source]