Digital Blue U-Turn Digital Camera

This Dandy Gadget: After securing your kids with glowPhone, flyPhone, and Nu.M8 GPS Locator, now cheer them up with Digital Blue’s U-Turn Digital Camera. Digital Blue’s U-Turn Digital Camera is an easy handle camera with few buttons, so your kids can maintain a shoot, and animate the pictures. This camera is Digital Blue product and showing out at CES 2009.

The Blue’s U-Turn Digital Camera has 2.4″ LCD view screen swivels from back to front so kids can see themselves mugging the camera while arm-in-arm with their BFFs. Then with the push of a button they can instantly “morph” their image with hilarious fun-house effects like stretchy head, swirls, and squatty view. The U-Turn also works like a regular digital camera, letting your kids shoot and store up to 80 photos at a time.

Only Digital Blue’s U-Turn digital camera lets kids “punk their pictures” with 12 morphs at the touch of a button. The price sets at MSRP $49.99 and will be available this spring at major retailers. [Dandy Gadget Source]