Discover Zip Contactless Device

Discover issued two Zip contactless devices: credit card and sticker. This is an innovation payment solution that enables fast and convenient transactions with enhanced security features via contactless technology. Especially for sticker, you can attack it to any device that has a smooth, clean surface such as: iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, ID badge or your other mobile device.

How to use the device? you just need to tap your sticker or contacless card to the Zip reader or you can swipe like a traditional card when you’re ready to pay. But if the device is not working by that, just make it closer or kiss the Zip reader. If it’s still not working, I think you need to call the Discover.

Discover Zip contactless device was issued to selected customer on November 15. And Discover will rollout more in January 2011. Need it, Call Discover [Dandy Gadget Source]