Doraemon Pack – The Sanctuary

This Dandy Gadget: The Sanctuary, one more from Bluelounge. Remember Doraemon cartoon movie, he has a magic pocket which can pull over all of the gadgets he want. On the contrary, This magic box, the Sanctuary can pull in all of your valuable gadgets with safety and simple, I mean not all of your stuffs of course.

The Sanctuary is an elegant creation which is capable of simultaneously charging multiple electronic devices, while offering a practical central location to place the multitude of personal items carried by you in everyday lives thereby providing the perfect safe haven for credit cards, wallets, money clips, loose change, keys and other often-misplaced personal effects. The Sanctuary is the perfect holiday gift for your friends and your family members, as well on-the-go clients and employees.

It performs its functions with ease and elegance. It is conceived for daily use at one’s kitchen counter, bedside table, or office desk. Inside the Sanctuary, there are underside and upper-side. Underside contains the adapter box which has a many kinds of chargers output up to 1500 electronics device compatible over 35 brands and hundreds more via an industry standard USB port. So you don’t need an additional tip and connectors, dandy!

At upper-side, created by put in the reversible inner tray above the adaptor box, a large space for you to save your valuable things (iPod, Cellular, iPhone, key,etc). And at bottom of the Sanctuary there is a hole for supplier adaptor box cable which you can plug easily to electric source. The price is set at $129.95.