Electronic Dictionary Case For Women

This Dandy Gadget: Elecom Japan has released two series cute electronic dictionary cases, DJC-010 series and DJC-011 series which have stylish design.

DJC-010 series uses rubber bands gleamy tag, so its quiet open case. While DJC-011 series adopt a douple zippers with a pretty ribbon and silver plate, better protection. Both of them have brightly color, woman colors. I wonder, why Elecom doesn’t make Sony VAIO P Series Netbook case. It will be booming, I think. Or maybe it’s fit enough.

Elecom DJC-010 series case is available in five colors at cost 2520 yen(tax includen). and DJC-011 series has three colors variation, at cost 2100 yen(tax included). [Dandy Gadget Source]