Elliptic Lab Non-Contact User Interface at CES 2011

Remember about gesture interface? the gesture technology was discussed loudly at CES 2009. At CES 2009, Hitachi introduced the gesture technology on a remote control. After that time, this technology never told or applied to a real device. It’s really too difficult to applied. More, if you also consider the efficiency and comfortable.

A new technology comes every second to replace or fix the older. Now the Elliptic Labs is developing and could be upgrading the gesture control technology. The company will showcase its technology at upcoming CES 2011, Las Vegas. The technology will be applied to iPad device  (not iPad 2 surely) using a special docking station with ultrasound. Working well at up to 30cm from the surface, the moving of our hand will be received by ultrasound and send directly to the iPad. How fast is the reaction of this technology? It’s my question also.

More question to Elliptic Labs, is the technology suit for iPad or other handheld device? I think it’s not. Handheld devices or tablet PC is for hand-touching. And believe me, this technology will not afford the complexity of multitouch UI. How will you choose icon-between-icon? I don’t want to judge it right now. It’s more logical when this technology applied on a wide-screen device such as: TV. But Lets we see together what this technology can do at CES 2011.