Energy MP3 Sound System 400, More Than a Speaker!

You can count your favorite music on this Energy MP3 Sound System 400. The 2.1 channels of 20W Subwoofer that package in Wooden case with 2 x 10W satellite speakers guarantees clear crisp sound to your ears. More, it has so sleek and elegant design.

Like I said, it’s more than a speaker, this new speakers can sing by its own. On its body, it equips MP3 player that is placed near the bass, treble, and volume controls. By inserting the USB flash drive or a memory card to the slot, you could enjoy the pleasure of your music without need a computer or other MP3 player. So, It’s a speaker and also a MP3 player, so you get two device in one place.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in two models : Red and Black, and Black models, Energy Sistem is going to launch this Energy MP3 Sound System 400 to the store in December 27, 2012 after Christmas at MSRP 39,90 Euro or around $51.