Enjoy Your Music and Video in Big Screen TV With Movie Cowboy DC-MC35ULI DivX Box

This Dandy Gadget: You want to see your iPod contents in big screen TV? No problem, Digital Cowboy has released its latest DivX BOX, Movie Cowboy DC-MC35ULI, which is included with docking station for iPod. Just put your iPod in docking station at upper case of this box, remotely or manually you can control the progress, there you are, you get your movie in big screen TV with 1080i Full HD resolution.

In addition, this new iPod docking station also features a built-in 3.5-inch SATA HDD, a built-in multimedia player network support, and 2 USB 2.0 port. And thanks to Ethernet port allows you to have a direct access to your YouTube Video, Picasa, MS Live function, and others without touching your PC. More, the embedding of DDNS service, able you to turn this gadget to work as media server with any address, yourname.Moviecowboy.net.

Digital Cowboy Dc-MC35ULI is presented in 225x200x59mm, and 850g weight. The device is available now at Japan market with price tag 24,800 yen or $255.99. Hey, I want to go to Japan, wait for me Digital Cowboy!!![Dandy Gadget Source]