Final Evolution of the Beetle, Volkswagen E-Bugster EV City Car

Remember about Darwin theory, every living thing on this planet has its own cycle to do an evolution, adapting to its environment, so with the VW Beetle. It started the first phare of its final evolution to become greener, E-Bugster.

Beetle to Bug, interesting? You can see its form now at NAIAS 2012. The Bugster has the same design like the Beetle. The modification is taken place at inside. It changes the petrol engine with a 114-Hp (85 kW) electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery.

According to Volkswagen, its lithium-ion battery comes with only 695 pounds, pretty light, and provide 100 miles range. In other word, at full charged battery, you can take this car to explore your city. It’s a perfect future car, right?

Yes, the E-Bugster is still a concept now, but I have a strong believing that Volkswagen will take this concept to the production line soon. Of course, not too soon, I guess it will be on the road at 2015 or sooner.  What do you think? [Dandy Gadget Source]