Finally, Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Comes to US Market

This Dell ultrabook, XPS 13, has been showed at CES 2012, a month ago. According to Dell, the XPS 13 has received many awards from magazines and others. Well, I don’t care about those awards. What I see on this laptop is the clever-elegant design, which fitting a 13.3-inch HD WLED Corning Gorilla Glass screen into a body of 11-inch laptop with precision crafted from aluminum and carbon fiber.

With compact form and only 2.99 pound weight, the XPS 13 is most suitable mobile device to accompany your business journey.  To wherever you want to go, it can be carried easily. The premium appearance surely will add your professionalism in front of your clients.

Regarding to its main specs, this new laptop features up to Intel i5/i7 processor, Intel HD 3000 video graphics, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, up to 256GB SSD, a 1.3MP built-in Webcam, USB 3.0, HDMI, HD audio, WiFi, Bluetooth, and so on.  If you don’t satisfy with the storage, Dell also provides 100GB of cloud storage through Dell DataSafe.

Dressing in 6-18mm thickness, Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is available now at US market for starting price MSRP $999. For you who are outside of US, this laptop will come in around March 2012.