GE G3WP Camera Loves Water

This Dandy Gadget: GE G3WP Camera is one of others new camera from General Imaging that will line up at 2009. It’s the first for General Imaging in waterproof model. I wonder how the ability of this camera compared to Canon Powershot D10. Is it weaker?

Although the title said the G3WP camera loves water, but it only holds up to 10 feet depths, 33 feet on D10. So, if the Canon bravely sets the price for its PowerShot D10 at $329.99. Hopefully, the GE G3WP will set the price around $150, do you agree?

Regarding to its main specs, this new camera features 12.2 megapixels camera with 4x optical zoom in 2.7-inch LCD screen that automatically adjusts to changes in ambient light. Included also auto scene detection and pan-capture panorama technology.

Rain in the forecast?… GE G3WP said,”I don’t care”. [Dandy Gadget Source]