Genius SP-i355 Sound Bar Speaker for Your LCD Monitor

This Dandy Gadget: Genius, I know now why this company is named with Genius, because it’s really a genius company. While other companies didn’t realize the empty space below LCD monitor stand can monetize, this company did it with unveiled a sound bar speaker that will suit the empty space below your LCD monitor, SP-i355. Two things that you can benefit from this device, first: nice looking, elegant and slim design with black sleek surface, and second: save space of your desk.

This new speakers only contains two 2-inch five watt unit driver and two 2-inch driver, not bad. At glance, the design is looked like a place of ribbon of LX-300 printer with a volume control, headset jack, and line-in jack at top, also tone adjustment control on the right. Thanks to unique water resistant cloth texture, it prevents any liquid such as tea, or your coffee spillage on the speaker.

The unique and compact size makes this Genius SP-i355 sound bar speakers fits well your 19-inch LCD monitor. [Dandy Gadget Source]