Gigabyte Booktop M1022 Netbook With Docking Station

This Dandy Gadget: Along with Touch Note M1028, Gigabyte also presented Booktop M1022 at CeBit 2009. This device is made in slim and fashionable design with docking station. By connecting the docking station to Gigabyte Booktop M1022, the Booktop M1022 turn into desktop and will space you more area with docking station as a battery charger.

The Booktop M1022 features a 10.1-inch LED backlight screen in two options resolution, 92% full-scale keyboard with 17.5mm key pitch, 3.5 HSDPA module, 1GB SO-DIMM, 160GB SATA HDD, Intel Atom Processor N270 1.6GHz or Intel Atom Processor N280 1.66Hz, 1.3megapixels webcam, and speaker 1.5 watt.

As we see the specs of Gigabyte Booktop M1022 is same as Touch Note M1028, but the screen of this gadget is not a swivel touch screen. As compensation, Gigabyte already give you a docking station. Which one is yours? [Dandy Gadget Source]