Golden Ace 24ct Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900, the First in Vietnam!

According to Eric DUONG, the GM of Golden Ace, in his email told me that his 24ct Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the first real piece of the 24ct gold version of BB Bold 9900 in Vietnam. The first piece was completed just only 10 days after the launch event of the original device in Vietnam, not far after the launched information and pictures of 3D design of Amosu BlackBery Bold 9900 gold edition.

The overall process to jacket your BlackBerry Bold 9900 required 18 hours, less than a day, with 3 microns thickness of 24ct gold. It costs you for around $500 for turning your BB to be the 24k gold version. The $500 price doesn’t include the machine.

Golden Ace includes the cute box for its products. In box, you will find accessories for your BlackBerry Bold 9900 gold edition. And Golden Ace also gives you 1 year warranty. [Dandy Gadget Source]