Guard Your House/Office – 2.4GHz Weather-proof Night vision Camera 207RA2

This Dandy Gadget : 2.4GHz Weather-proof & Night vision camera, 207RA2, has been launched by Shenzhen AEE Wireless Technology Co., Ltd with sleek design, black color and beautiful features.

The 207RA2 offers your family or small business complete peace of mind with this Wireless Security Kit. With two cameras which can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or desk, this security kit transmits color video and audio wirelessly to the receiver from anywhere you choose.

Whether you wish to survey an outdoor or indoor area, this kit has waterproof design and night vision capabilities. With the using of the included AV cables, the receiver is attached remotely to a monitor or TV of your choice to display picture and audio directly from the surveillance areas. Complete with a remote control and mounting equipment, the camera also features adjustable positioning so that you can get the perfect vantage point.

Inbox, this new gadget has weight 1,69kg and size 25.5×20.5×10.5, white background box. Outbox, the camera and remote is covered by safety cover.

In addition, the 207RA2 has 380 TV lines clear picture display, Built-in 11 IR lights for 7m night vision range, Channel scan and channel skip for multi-camera usage, 4-channel available to avoid interference, Built-in microphone for audio monitoring, Min. 100m transmission distance without blocks. The price is set at $199.99.