HANNSnote Mini Notebook

This Dandy Gadget: The era of mini notebook with 10-inch screen maybe is near to over. But, some company still has a good feeling in it. Like HANNSpree company, after they succeed to be a top 5 rankings for monitor sales. Now they want to expand and join the hard battle in mini notebook market. The first product is given code as HANNSnote (SN10E1), which is designed with 10-inchLCD display and 6 cell battery for long battery life.

Furtermore, this new netbook features a full size keyboard, a 1.3MPweb camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Full specs of this device is still ghosty [to be announced later.

Hannspree HANNSnote netbook is compacted in 1,2 kg and will be expected to hit Europe market in June 2009 with proposed retail price at launch -289.00 pounds. You can choose glossy piano black or glossy ice white! [Dandy Gadget Source]