Klipsch HD Theater 500 Will Rock Soon

This Dandy Gadget: One more, Klipsch will line up a 5.1 home theater system, HD Theater 500 which consists of five speakers—left, center and right front channels with two rear surrounds—and one powered subwoofer.

Yeap, the speakers have a better looking than the HD Theater 1000, but it’s according to me of course. By the way, because the price of HD Theater 500 is cheaper than HD Theater 1000, half price. We can say, it is low-end of the HD Theater 1000. Like old words, The price never fool anyone.

In addition, HD Theater 500 features wall bracket, 1/4-20 inserts for stand mounting. Each main and surround speaker is a sealed enclosure finished in high-gloss piano black with a 2.5-inch IMG woofer and a MicroTractrix Horn-loaded 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter inside.  And Subwoofer with a powerful Class D amplifier and an 8-inch driver.

The price is set at MSRP $599.99 US and will available in march 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]