Honda Continues The Campaign on Channel 4, That is My Dad!

For getting closer to its consumers, Honda plans to continue the campaign on Channel 4. The new short films of “Documentaries on 4, Sponsored by Honda”, created by Wieden + Kennedy (W+K) London will be releasing throughout 2011. The mini documentaries series bring the real stories of real-consumers using Honda’s things in their daily life.

Plus, Honda invites you to be a part of it. You can comment on any Honda’s campaign based on your personal experience via Facebook or Twitter.  Honda doesn’t restrict your comments. Bad or good will be heard and linking to the online hub at More words from you, more Honda know its consumer, right?

Want to involve more? You can upload your unique stories trough a ‘Take Part’ section. Just describe your daily activities during using your Honda’s products. A unique, honest, simple could be the one of requirement to be the famous video (not sure). You can see the Alpaca Farming documentary film, Philippa Wills with his Honda ATV,   as guider.  Anyway, if your video is chosen by W+K as the favorite film, your uploading video will be turned into a documentary film and will live on TV. And when that moment comes, your son will proudly say “That is my dad” when he see your smile on the Channel.

As suggestion, don’t take too seriously for getting the best or chosen video, because a lot of other consumers will do the same thing like you. Just do it for fun, play fun with your Honda, enjoy your life.
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Viral video by ebuzzing