How to Buy the Best Tech Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the task of selecting gifts for your nearest and dearest.If tech is one of your passions, it’s likely that tech-themed gifts will come more easily to mind than other possibilities, but just because there’s a new and exciting product out, that doesn’t mean it will make an ideal gift for just anybody!
There’s such a variety of tech gifts you could purchase that you’d think everyone you know could be catered for, but you need to bear in mind two key points.

  1. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about tech as you are!
  2. You still need to choose something that’s suitable for the recipient.

However, with that in mind, how do you buy the best tech gifts this Christmas? Read on to find out more.

Planning your Christmas shopping

Some people like to make lists of who they need to buy for, with notes on ideas and an estimate of how much they want to spend. Others are more spur of the moment, they see an item in a store or catalog and think that it would be perfect for someone. Neither approach is foolproof, but it is a good idea to have a basic list of who you need to buy for, as it’s easy to forget someone or buy two gifts for the same person.

It’s also helpful to have an idea of how much you want to spend on Christmas gifts, as it’s surprising how much the total can add up when you’re buying for multiple people. It’s a time of year when credit cards tend to get hammered, and even the thriftiest of people find they are running up debts. To help you manage your money at Christmas, get some advice from a reputable broker like Bonsai Finance so that you ensure financial flexibility at the most reasonable rates.

Who are you buying for?

The most important consideration when buying gifts is what will each person like and be happy to receive? You might think you’re being thoughtful buying a robot vacuum cleaner for your grandma, but if she hates technology, she’ll say thank you very much,and it will stay in its box unused. Or what if she’s not too steady on her feet, or has problems with her eyesight? You wouldn’t want to introduce a potential trip hazard into her home. On the other hand, if your grandma has a thriving social life online, or loves to use gadgets around the house, she’s probably not going to be impressed with yet another set of bath crystals.

The point is, you have to know at least a little about the likes and dislikes of the recipient before making a purchase. It means being aware of how they spend their time, what interests they have, and any problems they might have using a tech-themed gift. There’s no point trying to force people into using gadgets like tablets or games consoles for doing crossword puzzles if they prefer to use pen and paper. You might as well just buy them a puzzle book and a nice pen!

Do they need this gift?

Many gift ideas that seem like a sure-fire success fail because it’s something the recipient wants so much they buy it for themselves. This is especially true of games because keen players want the latest version of Far Cry or Call of Duty as soon as it comes out. One way to get over this is to ask what games they have and which they would like. It won’t be a surprise when they unwrap it on Christmas Day, but at least you’ll know it’s what they want, and you won’t be saddled with having to get an exchange or refund in the New Year.

The same applies to other gadgets and tech-related gifts, but in many cases, you can be a bit crafty and find out during the course of a conversation whether someone has the item you’ve got in mind for them, and even the likelihood that they would be buying it for themselves.

Buying a gift that someone doesn’t need or want is a waste of money, and it may put some people in a tricky situation as they’ll be worried about offending you if they say anything. Some recipients will exclaim over the gift and never say a word about the fact they already have it, and it then lives in the closet until they can give it to someone else or sell it. Others will soon tell you the gift is no good, which can make you feel a bit deflated after your efforts to buy the right thing. You’ve then got the issue of giving them the receipt or offering to exchange it yourself and replace it with something else, and that’s not a very enjoyable experience to have to endure post-Christmas.

No Surprises

There is one fool-proof solution to buying Christmas gifts that people genuinely want, and that is to ask for a list of suggestions. This works well with kids, who will happily spend hours going through catalogs and selecting all the toys and games they’d like. You just have to pick out the ones you think are best and within your price range. Many older people prefer this method of gift-giving, especially when they want to avoid having lots of items they have no use for cluttering up the house.

If you agree to choosegifts from a list, make sure that you don’t duplicate other purchasers who might be working off the same list. If you’re technically minded,and the list asks for a generic type of gadget, you can then use your expertise to select the best example. If you miss the surprise element in gift-giving, you can always choose the main gift from the list, then add in a smaller item that you’ve selected yourself. Alternatively, you could buy a gift voucher for the recipient to spend however they wish, and offer to take them shopping.

There’s no doubt that with the range of tech items available, you’ll probably find something to suit most people. Just be sure you know enough about them if you want to make it a pleasant surprise, or play it safe and check with them first!