Immerz KOR-FX Device Brings Full Immersion [CES 2011]

Focusing on delivering you a full immersion to your games, movies or musics, Immerz proudly displayed this one, KOR-FX, at CES 2011 which is dressed in easy use to your body and niece looking as well.

By wearing this resonance of the chest cavity, the KOR-FX will take you to world of your contents. Example, when you are listening your favorite musics, KOR-FX will send a specific vibration in specific area of your chest to bring you the same vibration you had feel at a loud concert. It’s more like 3D of your sense.

Immerz partnering with Play N Trade will ship KOR-FX in around March 2011 in $189.99 and already available now for pre-order for US and Canadian market. As note, the gadget is platform independent so you can rock it with your iPad 2 or Motorola XOOM or Dell Inspiron Duo or others. [Dandy Gadget Source]