Casio IT3100 Mobile Computing, Better and Faster!

This new Casio mobile computing, IT3100, comes with so compact and rugged design. Just like its predecessor, IT3000, the IT3100 brings 3-inch printer, barcode scanner, and MagCard reader in one device. The compact size, rugged ability and those three functions makes this mobile computing is a dandy gadget to work for both indoor and outdoor.

Compared to the IT3000, this new gadget features a bigger RAM, 128MB, and powered by Microsoft CE 5.0. Thus, it absolutely renders all commands in faster, and more convenient operation.  More, it also can work perfectly with the latest wireless communication and run most of today software. It’s your true business solution, right?

Fashioned in 80/145(W) x 265(D) x 28/70(H) mm, Casio IT3100 M56 is available in MSRP $2,000.00.