Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio From Myine Will Line Up at Upcoming CES 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Guys, once again a simple gadget from Myine, Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio. Could be a simplicity is the mark of Myine products? i don’t know. But consider this, Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio doesn’t need a computer or subscriptions to sings your favorite songs from internet, dandy.

It doesn’t means that Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio doesn’t need another tools. It still need your modem and  wireless router. More, this gadget has two audio jacks for speakers, and a remote control. Up to 11000 free internet radio stations can be played which filter by location or genre to find new stations in under 30 seconds.

Myine Ira Wi-Fi internet radio is set around $129.99 US. And will be available on Jan 8, 2009 at See it at CES 2009, Las Vegas.