Is a Laptop Screen Repair Worth It?

With how much the modern world relies on computers, it can be disheartening when your laptop screen cracks or breaks. Since so much work is done on the computer, there is a limited window of time to figure out a solution. The two biggest decisions are either repair or replace it.

While you may have the initial instinct to go one way or the other, it’s important to take a moment and do your research for both options. You can either get a laptop screen repair or replace the laptop.

Many businesses focus on laptop repair so you have plenty of options there. You might also have a reason for wanting to keep your specific laptop and so a replacement is out of the question. There’s plenty of factors to consider and this guide will go through them all.

Laptop Repair

Let’s begin.

Laptop Screen Repair

To understand what it would mean to get your laptop screen fixed vs. replacing the device, let’s go through the process of getting your screen repaired. This will give you a sense of the process and see if it is worth your time and money.

Assessing The Damage

The first thing you want to find out is the exact damage your laptop has. The usual culprit of a damaged laptop screen is someone dropping the device. While many times this means that it’s an external fix, there are circumstances in which the functionality of the laptop might be affected.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a free repair quote. Don’t waste your time with any company that is trying to make you pay upfront, save your money. Be sure to look for reputable places that offer free quotes, this will be the starting point of your decision.

Where to Repair a Laptop Screen?

If you don’t know any computer repair shops around you, then type ‘computer repair’ and your zip code into Google. You’ll be able to browse through nearby places and read their reviews. After you’ve found the right place, you can take your laptop and they’ll diagnose the problem and give you an estimate of how much it’ll cost you to repair.

Even if the screen damage seems minimal, you never know if something internal was damaged, so it’s good to have a professional look over it. Once that’s done and you have a quote, there are other factors to consider before deciding to repair.

How Old is Your Laptop?

One of the first things you want to go over is how old your computer is. This is important, so you can assess if it’d be worth it to replace the device. If it’s a newer, expensive laptop and the screen has minimal damage, then it’d be in your best interest to get a cheap laptop screen repair.

However, you might have an older laptop that has outdated software or specs. Maybe the screen damage is worse than you expected. Here, it’d be better to just replace the computer entirely since a repair might be 50-70% of the new laptop cost, anyway. These decisions are a little easier to make because the answer is more obvious.

With more complicated decisions, there are other factors to consider. Let’s say you have a computer that’s around 4 years old, still reliable, and the software still benefits you. If the screen damage is significant, it might cost you almost the same amount to replace it as it would repair it.

This is when the tougher decisions come in, you may not want to replace your device entirely, but repairing it seems expensive and time-consuming. You might even have the computer repair shop recommending you get a new laptop.

You know that your laptop can’t last forever and consumers should replace their laptop every 5-10 years.

Repair vs. Replace Cost

Regardless of your own opinion on the matter, if you are prioritizing the cost between the two options the most, you’ll want to compare the cost of how much a laptop screen repair costs with the cost of replacement. You already know the cost of repair based on the free quote so now it’s time to look at potential contenders to be your new laptop.

With so many laptops on the market at different price points, you should spend a decent amount of time browsing for options. Everything from the more expensive fancy laptops to the reliable Lenovo laptops, there are sure to be options that might surprise you!

The truth is, a repair will almost always be more affordable than buying a new computer. With that said, sometimes the damage is significant and it can cost as much as 3/4 of what a new computer might cost. In these cases, you might want to reevaluate your current computer situation and make a decision after looking at all the factors.

Personal Preference

Sometimes, it isn’t about cost or age. Since a computer can be very personal, there might be a reason why you rather not replace it. There’s also the option of repairing the screen yourself.

Although that might sound overwhelming to anyone who isn’t a tech-head, the process can actually be fairly simple with the right tools and enough time. Consider this a useful new skill to impress your friends with.

While cracked or damaged laptop screen replacements are pretty straightforward, if there are more complicated issues than you might want to consider someone with more expertise. However, if you decide to fix the screen yourself, you can find a replacement screen online starting at $50.

Be sure to check exactly what type of screen you’ll need for your laptop since one brand might have several options. Gather the right tools (you can find kits online that carry everything you’ll need) and follow directions properly.

If you replaced the screen and there’s something that still doesn’t work, take it to the repair shop. Also, be sure to consider your laptop’s warranty! You might be completely covered for any screen repair costs within a certain timeframe after purchasing your computer.

there are other smaller things you might not have known you could fix at home:

  • Replace a key on your keyboard if it falls off.
  • Replacing the mechanical hard drive with an SSD hard drive.
  • Replace the battery.

New Life for Your Laptop

If you get the screen replaced because it’s more affordable but still find yourself frustrated with your old laptop’s performance, you can give it new life. While it won’t be the same as replacing your laptop entirely, there are several programs that you can download that will clean your computer.

This means freeing up memory, speeding things up, and clearing unnecessary files that were long forgotten about. While it’s great to take a trip down memory lane, most people don’t need to keep every file from their past.

Giving your computer a thorough cleaning after a screen repair will add another element of ‘new’ that will give it an extra boost and some more years of use.

Purchasing a New Computer

If you’ve decided to go ahead and buy a new computer, whatever the reason, then you’ll want to keep some things in mind. It’s easy to get excited about the idea of replacing an older, worn-out laptop. However, if the cost is a big concern for you – consider looking for a reliable laptop with better specs, even if it’s slightly above your budget.

If you can make the next laptop last longer simply by paying a little more than the others, it might be an excellent investment to consider. Newer laptops have more impressive software and specs, and with enough research, you’ll find one that won’t need to be replaced for years to come.

Is a Laptop Screen Repair Worth It?

Unfortunately, few computers can last all your life. If your laptop screen gets damaged or cracked, you can either get a laptop screen repair or you can replace the computer entirely. There are several factors to consider when weighing your options.

Before making a decision, be sure to get a free repair quote so you know what to expect with costs. After that, assess the age of your computer as well as how much you’ll need to pay if you decide on a new computer. You might want to try and repair the broken screen yourself.

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