Is It Next Month? Apple iPhone 5

Tic..Toc..Tic…Toc, the sound of my clock slowly was walking in the middle of emptiness of my dream. Likely he wanted to kid me with his slow motion and push my passion to edge. He knew that I was waiting for something. Yes, I was waiting a big moment, the moment of the launch of Apple iPhone 5.

Time goes by, from August to September. I, here, am still waiting. You know what? My clock doesn’t care anything about it. He just runs his everyday jobs and laugh at me. It seems he want to tell me that I have been waiting for nothing.

Finally, Al Gore, a former Apple’s Vice President, gave me a light. Seriously he said that Apple will launch new devices next month or at least one device. What kind of device? He didn’t reveal clearly about it. Although, this time he didn’t left the prototype in a bar like before. But, as the rumor of iPhone 5 is hotter day after day, we could say he want to tell about that in different way, right?

More, according to the source, Tim Cooks as a new Apple’s CEO will try a new marketing strategy by raining the iPhone 5 to all countries at the same time. Based on rumor, Sprint already made a cage for iPhone 5 for Americans. Meanwhile, iPhone 5 Australia will be taken care by Vodafone network.

Is it really next month, Al Gore?