It Is Not Wise to Replace Your Old’s? Bose VideoWave II Entertainment System

Each minute technologies come and come reproduces new gadgets or other things. Usually we need to follow the trend by replacing our old with the new one. However, at the case of this new VideoWave II theatre system that recently unveiled by Bose, you don’t have to replace your old VideoWave.

The first reason, because the VideoWave II is not so significantly different from its predecessor. The differ is only this new HDTV comes with aluminum case, making it more elegant to look. It’s also thinner, but not so thinner compared to old VideoWave, less than a half inch. Meanwhile the others things are still on place.

The second, the VideoWave II is not a cheap thing. You need to pull at least $5000 from your pocket for the cheapest model, 46-inch model. Even if you have a ton of money in your pocket, it’s still not a wise decision to sell your old VideoWave and buy this new one. To sell and to buy process must sacrifices around a thousand and half dollars or more, according to my calculation.

However, for you who don’t have one, the VideoWave II is a great option to be considered if you are looking for home entertainment system.  This HDTV offers you full HD 1080p resolution with 120Hz from its LED backlit display. And it’s a Bose, the right place to count all of your high quality sound system. Adopting their latest technology in sound system, Bose smartly embed six woofers and 16 speakers inside the case to take you to the world of true surround sound system. Beside the hidden sound system, it also brings peripheral console and an integrated iPhone/iPod dock. So you don’t have to touch the TV directly when attaching any devices.

The release date and pricing
As note, Bose VideoWave II is available in two size, 46-inch and 55-inch. It’s already available in North American and Europe. Meanwhile for Japan, it will come on August 17, 2012. As I mentioned, not cheap, the price tag of 46-inch model is $4,999 and $5,999 for 55-inch model. That pricing is only for delivery and setup, another $250 for installation. Do you still want to replace your old with a new one?