Jaguar XK E50 LIMITED Luxury Car

Unlike Europe version of XK Special edition, the Jaguar “XK E50 LIMITED” will be released at Japanese market in only coupe version.

The Jaguar XK E50 LIMITED sport car, a 5.0 liter V8 Engine offers the choice of Black Cherry with chrome finish mirror covers and side power vents. Jaguar also added Jaguar heritage badging on the center caps of 19″ Tamana alloy wheels (red color), on the front headrest (embossed) as well as on the unique tread plates.

For interior, the Jaguar XK E50 LIMITED luxury car brings the charcoal interior with ivory insert, and employs an engine spin veener with aluminum panel.

As it’s a limited edition, Jaguar will release the Jaguar XK E50 LIMITED in only 10 units  in June 4 2011 for 12.35 million yen or $145,030. [Dandy Gadget Source]