Keep in Mind: iPad is Not for Everyone? Jarre AeroDream One iPad Speakers

When we are thinking about iPad, the pictures in our mind could be like these: a nice sleek-slim tablet, a good iOS, easy navigation, and huge interesting apps, right? Everyone will love it (perhaps). But when you are looking at “AeroDream One” iPad speakers at the Jarre booth, IFA 2011, you will discover that iPad is not for everyone.

Apple iPad is only for person who has ability to climb a ladder or taller than Shaquille O’Nell. Of course, it’s not safe for child also and someone with Altophobia. Why? Look at the tower speaker, because you need to insert your iPad into the dock station at the top, around 3.4m high.

Anyway, your effort will not be useless. It’s 360-degree omnidirectional speakers with 10k W total output. Hence, through your iPad, Jarre AeroDream one could serve a loud-clear sound that enough to cover your small party at Saturday night.

There is no official information yet from Jarre about the price and the availability of the AeroDream One speakers. Surely it will be sold along with its ladder, right? iPad is not for everyone, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]