Keeping Cool Your Laptop! Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base

Do you know why I don’t really like notebook? The heat problem! Although, the technologies of laptop has been forwardly high-tech. The heat is still there as a main problem. I’m not so mobile person, however, if the notebook is a must for you, this new Microsoft Notebook Cooling base is offering his hand for keeping cool your laptop.

With stylish design and flip-up stand, this cooler doesn’t only fan your laptop, flowing the air to erase the heat, but also serve you with a comfortable typing position. Of course, as it eats power from your laptop through USB port, it will consume some of battery life. Everything has its price, right? But you don’t need to be that worried, it only uses one fan. Theoretically, it consumes less power, or, you can ignore its consumable-power.

Fashioned in 290 (H) x 290 (W) x 29 (D) mm with 555g, Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base is available now for MSRP 29.95 in black and white color. Black or White? [Dandy Gadget Source]