New KIA Four-Door Sports Sedan Concept [2011 Frankfurt Motor Show]

Not yet named, this new sports sedan will be showed at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The looking is so sophisticated, at glance like Porsche body (not sure). Following trend of right now sports car, the new sedan is coming with wide room inside, four-seats and four doors as well.

There’s no official announcement about its full specs, but likely the KIA‘s new sports sedan is featuring rear-wheel drive and a V8 powertrain. Of course as it’s a sports car, the power and balance are the main focus. Meanwhile, the body is designed to give you more spirit and minimalist the air flow effect.

I’m waiting to see this KIA’s monster at 2011 FMS. It seems the car is ready for mass production in 2012. See soon for further information. Does anyone know her name? [Dandy Gadget Source]