Kinesis K2 Uses Solar and Wind Energy for Charging Mobile Devices

This Dandy Gadget: Various manufacturers offer a lot of portable device which able to charge the mobile device use nature energy. Most of them use either solar or wind energy, and Kinesis at CES 2009 introduced a device Kinesis K2, which uses the wind and the sun simultaneously.

Kinesis K2 is a secure building and is equipped with a solar panels and turbine. This is a reasonable solution, because the device can be used in any weather. During one hour of Kinesis K2 can accumulate a sufficient amount of energy for the 30-minute talk on the phone. A fully charged battery charging permit to extend the duration of the mobile phone for five times. The level of charge the built-in battery Kinesis K2 displayed using LED-indicators. It should be noted that cycling attachment.

There is information yet about when it will be available in market but the price sets around $ 100. [Dandy Gadget Source]