Kingston SSDnow M Series Bundle

This Dandy Gadget: Kingston shipped its latest SSDnow M Series, Intel X-25M SATA SSDs a day ago. This SSDs are available in two size 80GB and 160GB. The most interesting of it is the Kingston will sell this new gadget bundled with its accessories in interesting price. You only add $10 for Acronis True Image hard drive cloning software and CD installation guide, USB 2.5″ enclosure with accompanying USB cable (fornotebook PCs), 2.5″ to 3.5″ drive bay mounting brackets and screws, and SATA data and power cable extender (for desktop PCs).

This new SSDs feature 250MB/sec read, 70MB/sec write, 2.5″ form factor, SATA 1.5GB/sec and 3.0GB/sec interface, 0 C to 70 C operating temperature, 1,00 G/0.5 msec operating and non-operating shock, and 1.2 million hours life expectancy.

Kingston SSDNow X-25M M series SSDs are available now at US Market with MSRP $427.50 with blundle for 80GB, and MSRP $843.00 for 160GB with blundle. If you want to buy SSDs alone, MSRP $417.50 for 80GB, and $833.00 for 160GB, Only $10. [Dandy Gadget Source]