Large Your iPod with ZOOM BOX(PSP-ZBB) Docking Station

This Dandy Gadget: Remember DAV-Q9C that I have been wrote, this ZOOM BOX (PSP-ZBB) likely has a same functions to zoom your iPod to larger display for your satisfaction.

This gadget contains 2 speakers and one bass as one piece, a remote control, a iPod docking at upper-front of box. It has more power than DAV-Q9C 55 watt, and video output terminal. It works like this, the ZOOMBOX (PSP-ZBB) will transmit your iPod movie via video output terminal to your TV or others display.

Moreover, it also features FM/AM Radio which has auto-scan can easily select your favorite radio station FM / AM each of the 10 preset stations is also possible to register.

ZOOM BOX (PSP-ZBB) will release by Princeton Japan in mid of December, but you can order it at beginning of January in $158.99.