LEDMorpher Brilliant Tabletop LED Show

By depending on the spin of propeller, RGB LEDs display, the rotation of its base, and the magic of its PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit), the LEDMorpher tabletop LED show could produce so amazing light shows inside the 8-inch diameter glass ball to flatter your eyes from 2D to 4D display with vary animations.

The form of animations are controlled and chosen by an IR signal of remote control or your smartphone. If you want to create your own animations, you could hack the PIC, of course, it’s not recommended for beginner, and of course, it will break-off the warranty.

Furthermore, it also features a microphone that allowing the PIC to follow your music or sound around it and can be hanged. It will surely live your music more into your soul.

The release date and pricing
This gadget is available now for pre-ordering, $95/each and $125 with aluminum stand. And LEDMorpher needs your supports to fulfill their campaign, so they able to do mass production to achieve a reasonable price, as low as they can. Their goal is $79,000 in 39 days from now. Even your $5 of your contribution is very mean to them. Let us support this world’s first double spinning axis LED show!