Lenovo Two-in-One Device — Lenovo LePad Slate and IdeaPad UI Hybrid Laptop [CES 2011]

This is a new innovation from Lenovo, its new LeePad slate can work perfectly with IdeaPad UI hybrid laptop. Just slide the LePad Slate into IdeaPad UI base, the laptop will transform LePad’s Android interface into Windows 7. So, you can work with full keyboard for typing or others.

In addition, the new slate is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Andoid Froyo as OS, a front camera and having a 10-inches touch LCD. The LePad slate also supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to provide you a more complete Web browsing experience. Meanwhile, Lenovo IdeaPad UI laptop is featuring an Intel CULV processor, and using Windows 7 Home Premium as OS.

Lenovo Lepad slate is dressed in two stylish colors – scarlet and white – and with two different textures – brown “leather” and black “leather”. You can buy separately the LePad for $520 or bundled with IdeaPad UI hybrid laptop for around $1,300. The devices will be showed at CES 2011 and is going to hit Chinese market first in Q1 2011 and followed by US market in unknown date yet. Do we need a slate and laptop at once?  [Dandy Gadget Source]