LG ADrenaline USB Aircards [CES 2011]

Working on both 3G and 4G network, LG AD600 USB aircards (Adrenaline), the latest LG wireless network adapter that announced 4 months ago will rock at CES 2011. Designed in sleeker than VL600 with smooth streamlined finish, the device will connect your laptops, and computers to AT&T’s EDGE, HSPA and upcoming LTE Networks to bring your adrenaline up with its high speed performance.

In addition, the AD600 USB pocket modem features a 300MHz 32bit Bus microprocessor, an internal antenna, a microSD card up to 32GB, USB interface, multi-color LED status indicator and a built-in GPS. Thanks to At&t enterprise location-based service, you can track your Adrenaline through any web browser.

Compacted in 4.11 x 1.52 x .57 inches with 2.12 ounces, the Adrenaline is available at at&t in $299.99(no committing) and only $49.99 for 2-years contract. To be mentioned, this gadget is a plug-and-play device and compatible with many major OS (maybe with Chrome OS also)