LG CM9960 X-BOOM PRO Audio System, Lets Boom CES 2016!

I don’t like party. I love the nuance of the silent of the night and the flowing of slow sound – waving of sea water or the beautiful song of a morning bird.  Those wake me up to the true joy and meaning of life. I know for some people those are not enough. Some need to push everything to extreme edge – extreme sound, extreme action to enjoy and realize about life. Lucky for you, LG recently announced an extreme sound system to your extreme party, LG CM9960 X-Boom Pro, will boom CES 2016.

Coming with 5600W power output (not sure, at least it’s more than 4400W), the CM9960 presents a wow extreme-loud sound to cover every corners of your party ground. Coupled with the latest LG’s audio technology, it ensures the life flow of music through bass woofer, high range woofer, mid range woofer, and tweeters, delivering a top-rich sound experience.

Although, there is still no clear information about this new X-Boom Pro’s features, you can guess it’s not far away from its predecessor, LG CM9950. It will bring Auto-DJ, a CD/Blue-ray player, FM tuner, MP3 player, DJ-Effect, Multicolor LED lighting and so on. Of course, it will also provide Bluetooth connectivity. Meanwhile for new features, you should ask that at LG’s booth.

LG CM9960 X-BOOM PRO Main Dandy Gadget

The release date and pricing
LG CM9960 X-BOOM PRO audio system will hit US market at the first half of 2016. It probably is going to roll-out at late April. The price is around $1999 (not sure). You should dig more of this gadget at CES 2016 if you really love party.
Let’s Boom CES 2016!