LG GT505 Social Phone With Integrated GPS

This Dandy Gadget: Announced along with LG GW520 smartphone, LG GT505 is also featuring a push social network and push email ready via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Not Like LG GW520, this device is not completed with an QWERTY keypads. The design is also in classic form with full touch screen. In front case, you only find reject, answer and menu button. For you that having much  with messages, I think it’s more wise if you choose the GW520, its QWERTY keypads will serve you well.

Well, As this new smartphone doesn’t have a QWERTY keypads, you don’t have to be disappointed, this device contains an integrated GPS, easy navigation using Wisepilot for LG that you can find at LG GW520. Unluckily, the LG only provides you with a 30-day free trial. After that, you may guess, it will charge you for the service. More, this device is also featuring with a larger screen and better camera resolution, 3.0-inch full touchscreen and 5 megapixel camera.

Furthermore, it will serve you more with your call. The voice instruction feature enable you to make a contact or command via your voice. Thanks to WiFi, you can have your online freely and more enjoyable in more space coverage.

LG GT505 Smartphone works on HSDPA 3.6 and will be available at Orange operator in June 2009, this month. The price will be included with two years contract with unknown price. [Dandy Gadget Source]