LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, CES 2016!

Coming with compact square rounded design, LG announced its new HOM-BOT robotic vacuum cleaner, HOM-BOT Turbo+, is going to dance at CES 2016. You should look at this gadget as the company said it equips new features and technology that could turn your cleaning experience to another level.

Probably you have known what HOM-BOT can do at CES 2015. So, what are the new capabilities of this new version? The first of all, the Turbo+ has more eyes. While what you have seen at CES 2015 has two eyes, this one adds one more eye on her body, Triple Eyes – front sensor camera, top sensor camera, and bottom sensor camera.  More eyes mean more viewing, more data to be collected. Thus, it has a deeper accuracy of its surrounding.

Beside Triple Eyes, the Turbo+ brings a new technology – Augment Reality. The Augment Reality technology creates a new interesting feature, Home-Joy. It’s an interesting feature which eases your pains while doing do-right -do-left via remote control. You could easily command the robot exactly to where you want it to do its job right from your captured image of your smartphone.  It surely packs e new enjoyment in your cleaning experience.

Regarding to the other features, the HOM-BOT Turbo+ carries smart inverter motor, Home-Guard, Home-View, RoboNavi, Corner Master, Digital Bumper, 60dB noise level, Smart Turbo, and so on.  At last but not least, it’s powered by a better chargeable Li-ion battery that can supply the robot for 3 hours or more of operation.

LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ Home-Joy Dandy Gadget

The release date and pricing
Unfortunately, LG didn’t tell any clear clues around the availability and pricing of the HOM-BOT Turbo+.  As the Roboking Turbo+ has around $999, it probably has price tag not far from that.
Small doesn’t always mean less in power