LG IPS5 Series Monitors, No Sexy Models?

LG is following the trend and technology. Recently the company unveiled IPS5 series monitors: IPS235V (23-inch), IPS225V (21.5-inch), IPS235T (23-inch), IPS225T(21.5-inch), by carrying IPS panel tehnology and not using TN (Twisted nematic) panels like before. Coupled with the ability to control the temperature at an optimum level of 6,500K (Kelvin) and upgraded with expert color calibration, these new monitors boast a perfect performance to show real color images time after time.

These new LG monitors are fine, good, in sleek design. Moreover, they also come with Dual Package feature which helps you to easily set the second display. But, I didn’t find any sexy models of these gadgets. It makes me a little disappointed. I love high quality images from both monitors and sexy models.

Regarding to its main specs, all monitors features 16.7M color depth, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920 x 180 resolutio, 250cd/m2 brightness, 5M:1 contrast ratio, and 5ms response time. Plus, they are equipping the Super Energy Saving technology to keep on the green field.

All of new LG IPS5 series monitors are available now and the models with a height-adjustable stand, IPS5P series, is going to hit European market in November 2011. Don’t ask me about its price! LG didn’t say anything about price. Where are your sexy models, LG?  [Dandy Gadget Source]