LG LW6500 LED-Backlit 3D TV [CES 2011]

When everybody assumes that the CES 2011 is a place for the slate battle. LG has another opinion, the CES 2011 is the right time for unveiling the new home entertainment gadgets, specially in 3D TV. We already talked other 3D TVs: LZ9700 (the world’s biggest 3D TV), LW7700 and LW9500, one, two days ago. Along with them, LG also will introduce LW6500 LED-Backlit 3D TV at CES 2011, Las Vegas.

Containing TruMotion 200Hz, the LW6500 is the lowest version among LW7700 and LW9500. Surely the its price is cheaper than other two, but you still have LG things on it like: LG 3D Light Boost technology, Smarth TV functions, DLNA/WiFi support, 2D to 3D conversion, HDMI and USB connector.

It seems LG LW6500 will also available in range size option from 40 to 60-inches. No detail information about this gadget right now. We must wait for just a couple more days, at CES 2011 LG will tell you everything.