LG Machjet LPP6010N Desktop Printer, World’s Fastest?

How fast does your printer print your A4 color document in a minute? I’m sure you don’t have time to count it, right? A new desktop printer from LG (collaboration with Memjet), MachJet LPP6010N, enables to perform 60 pages per minute in 1600×800 dpi resolution output. According to LG, This is the world’s fastest A4 desktop printer.

You don’t have to be surprised how the MachJet LPP6010N desktop printer could combine the speed and high quality. The Page Straight Array (PSA) Technology packs of Memjet delivers more than 700 million drop of ink per second on a page. Compared to the traditional technology, it’s 17 times more faster.

Fashioned in stylish design, LG MachJet LPP6010N is expected to hit Korean market this month. Like always, no official price and the release date yet. Happy waiting. [Dandy Gadget Source]