LG’s New Sound Bars at CES 2016

Coming with sleek, compact bar design, the LG’s 2016 sound bar speakers – SH6, SH7, SH8, is equipped with one single button pairing. So, the new sound bars don’t only blend seamlessly to your home theater but also you only need one touch to make it loud for you.

Those new speakers are powered by LG’s latest audio technology for bringing you an excellent audio experience to your ears in simple way with “BT-Fi” and ASC (Adaptive Sound Control) features. The BT-Fi will automatically switch to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection depends on what the content source has. And ASC smartly will choose the right tone according to the flow of music. In short, you have your perfect sound as simple as you flip your hand.

So, which sound bar should we choose? You should take a look all of them at CES 2016. My advice, if you really care so much about quality sound the SH8 and SH7 is what you should concern more to dig at LG’s booth, as both bring external subwoofers. Meanwhile, the SH6 is only comes in single body bar speaker system – no external subwoofer.

LG SH6 SH7 SH8 Sound Bar Speaker System Dandy Gadget

The release date and pricing
According to LG, SH6, SH7 and SH8 sound bars will enter US market in first half of 2016, probably it’ll hit in around late April.  Meanwhile, the pricing of those is still unclear. You could ask of that at CES 2016.
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