LG PMC-510 universal portable charger

A mobile device is indeed an important thing to all of us. Its mobility gives us ability to expose its power to satisfy our need at anywhere we want. The only problem of this device is the life of its battery. There are solutions for that – backup battery and battery charger. Having both of them in your bag, it ensures you will have no problem to keep your mobile device working while on the go.

Talking about battery charger, LG announced a new universal charger for your mobile devices, PMC-510. Although, it looks like a little fatter, but with only 152g mass and portable size, you can pocket this thing easily. And its 5,200mAh battery, technically, in full condition, it can charge a 1500mAH battery three times.

Other thing that interesting on this new charger, when the charger are connecting to a smartphone or other USB-enable devices and to AC port at the same time, there are a priority switch to set the priority whether the charger or the mobile device to be charged first. More, its flip clip can be used as a stand for your smartphone.

LG-PMC510-charger-smartphoneThe release date and pricing
Dressed in white color, LG PMC-510 universal portable charger is going to hit Korean market soon for KRW 59,000 or around $54.99. Perhaps, it will enter US market after.