Logic3 DSI630 SoundStation for DSi Console at E3 Expo 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Logic3 company will line up their latest addition to Nintendo console, DSI630 SoundStation for DSi which is designed to turn your Nintendo DSi into a mini sound system with docking station at E3 Expo 2009, LA Convention Center, United State of America. Maximizing your entertainment experience by combining a stereo speaker system with a charging and storage solution for your Nintendo DSi.

This new gadget is a keeper of your Nintendo DSI console, featured with soft touch rubber finished cabinet, Your DSi console will feel soft and comfort to laying his body in it. Also protects your DSi from everyday knocks and scratches. Despite of its compact body, this device deliver up to 4 Watts RMS of powerful clear sound.

When you have trouble with main AC power and you must turn on your Nitendo DSi with low battery, you can connect the DSI630 for DSi using 4 AAbatteries and then docked your Nintendo DSI to retain an emergency power. A simple way to get your game back, right?

Logic3 DSI630 SoundStation for DSi is available at price tag $30 or 25 Euro in two color options : black and white, matching the current DSi color options. Don’t lets anything stop your games with your Nintendo DSI. See the demo at 2-4 June 2009 in La Convention Center, USA. [Dandy Gadget Source]