Logitech TV Cam HD, Do We Really Need a Smart TV?

Smart TV is one of phenomenal in entertainment world, pushing the conventional TV to a merely edge of their death. Watching your favorite channels, at the same time has ability to fly on the net, never miss any update of current situation, is could be one of many reasons.

Do we really need a smart TV? It’s a hard question. Indeed, a smart TV offers you more than a conventional TV. But if you just want to make or receive Skype video calls, a smart TV is not necessary need. Your old TV that has HDMI port can do that for you. How? You must have an internet connection through Wi-Fi or Ethernet and this new Logitech TV Cam, Logitech TV Cam HD.

With a built-in Skype app, Wi-Fi, and Carl Zeiss lens, this TV Cam allows you to make or receive any Skype video calls from any platform whether from tablet, smartphone, or computer in high HD quality image even in low light condition, simply by connect the device to the HDMI port and internet connection.

Featuring a dedicated remote control, you able to zoom the video and do the receiving or calling and access your Skype account easier. More, this TV Cam also comes with a built-in ringer to alert you whenever there is a video calling even when your HDTV is off.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in elegant black finish, Logitech TV Cam HD is going to hit US market this month, followed by Europe next month. The price of this dandy gadget is MSRP $199.99. Do we really need a smart TV?