Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187, Your Pocket-size Mouse!

It’s too bad, I didn’t post the Touch Mouse M600 at CES 2012. Anyway, I don’t like not-real click. This newest wireless mini mouse, M187, is much more suiting my mind.

Coming with extra-small design makes the M187 could be pocketed, so you can bring this thing to wherever you go easily. Moreover, its receiver is also so tiny and doesn’t bother you while taking place forever on your laptop. As note, this nano receiver can connect up to six wireless devices.

Good news! You don’t have to wait too long for this device. Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187 is going to hit Europe this month, February 2011, in MSRP 19.99 Euro or around $26. Which one is your color: white, black, red, or orange?