Logitech Z205 Laptop Speaker

This Dandy Gadget: The era of iPad is not coming yet. Right now a laptop is still a first option for us as on-the-go gadget to keeping on track in our line business. Well, sometime when we want to finish our homework and we are in edge of frustration, playing games or hearing a music is the best thing we can do to be relax. In a fact most of laptop in the market is not containing good internal speakers. What should we do? A new speaker from Logitech, Z205, is could be an option.

This laptop speaker is perfectly wedding with your laptop in easy way. Featuring with a stand clip, just slipped it on the top of yourlaptop screen and powered from your laptop USB port, this gadget will sing a right sound for you in clear high quality. Compacted in 64 x 180 x 34.33mm, Z205 speaker is easily packed up in your laptop case or your bag.

Logitech Z205 laptop speaker is available now at MSRP $39.99 in Europe and US market. Inbox you will also receive a protective travel case and USB cable. What? No, Asia is not in the list. [Dandy Gadget Source]