LOMO LC A+ 20th Anniversary Edition, Cute Classic Camera!

I’m not so sure, you know how to insert a 35mm film into a classic camera correctly. I remember about that days, the days when I need to go to camera’s shop just for inserting a negative film for my camera, that was my hard days. But some of you maybe still love to use this kind of camera, and Lomo is offering a special edition, 20th Anniversary edition of their LC A+ camera.

This new limited edition camera comes with so cute blue-Crocodile pattern leather warping the compact case with the 20th anniversary metallic emblem is place at the center of its case back. It creates a luxury and glamour appearance to each users as well as raising the confident of the user in shooting an object through its Ministar 1 f/2.8 32mm lens.

The release date and pricing
LOMO LC A+ 20th Anniversary Edition camera is available now at Lomo site at MSRP $345.72 in only 1000 pieces. It could become a perfect Christmas gift, right?